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Training Workshops for Managers

Advanced influencing skills

Develop and understand influencing techniques to improve your effectiveness and efficiency in everyday work.

Appraisal interviewing skills

Learn the key skills and techniques required to conduct appraisal interview meetings effectively

Assertiveness at work

Increase your personal power at work

Boost your emotional intelligence - tools and techniques

Upgrade your emotional awareness and skills, so you can enhance communications, boost your career and get better results in all aspects of your life

Chairing meetings

How to save time and money by running effective, efficient and focused meetings

Confidence at work

50 techniques for building supreme self-confidence

Counselling skills - in a work context

How to handle sensitive and emotionally-challenging situations

CV writing and interview skills

How to create a winning CV and upgrade your interview skills

Dealing with difficult people

Develop strategies for defusing unpleasant situations and improving relationships

Delivering more for less

Understanding and applying ‘Lean’ principles in the civil service and public sector

Knowing myself......understanding others

How to understand and use MBTI„¥ personality preferences

Managing difficult conversations

Develop strategies for defusing unpleasant situations and improving relationships”

Managing stress

Learn techniques to help you handle change confidentially and recognise the symptoms of stress

Mind mapping techniques

Understand Mind Mapping techniques and how they can be used in the workplace to enhance your effectiveness

Motivate to win

Create environments that enthuse and encourage personal,professional and continued motivation

Negotiation tactics and techniques

Develop the negotiating tactics used by the experts

Networking knowledgeably

Connecting, partnering and collaborating for success

Persuasive writing skills

Discover how to become more influential in your written communication techniques with both individuals and groups

Presentations and public speaking

How to end the PowerPoint torture

Selling yourself, your projects and your ideas

How to get your ideas and plans accepted and adopted

Solve that problem

Develop innovative approaches to challenging situations

Speed reading techniques

Read Faster with Higher Comprehension

Stakeholder engagement and partnership working

Tools, good practice and practical approaches

Taking control of your time

Tools and techniques to help manage your time and boost your personal productivity

Taking effective minutes

Techniques for taking effective, concise and accurate minutes

Taking fast effective notes

Boost recall, comprehension and participation in meetings with this fast, new, concise note-taking system

The influential communicator

Influence other people in simple yet incredibly effective ways

Thinking on the spot techniques

Articulate your thoughts concisely, clearly and persuasively

Using facilitation techniques to achieve outcomes and buy-in

How to enable groups to arrive at their own answers to issues

Visionary leadership

Achieve outstanding results by inspiring and engaging your people

Winning people over

How to win people over to your way