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Challenging Behaviour  

Challenging Behaviour

Dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace

When one in four people have reported bullying at work within the last five years*, no organisation can afford to tolerate inappropriate behaviour in its workplace - as bullying and harassment exposes organisations to two significant risks:-

  • Legal - through employment law, personal injury claims and anti-discrimination legislation relating to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation and disability.
  • Performance - morale and performance drop when employees feel intimidated by their colleagues or by their managers.

Challenging Behaviour uses powerful dramatic re-constructions to highlight:

  • The boundaries between acceptable and inappropriate behaviour
  • What actions can be taken if we are the target of inappropriate behaviour, or if we are aware that someone else is
  • The personal and business costs of bullying and harassment for individuals and organisations
  • That inappropriate behaviour by any employee, at any level, in any organisation is totally unacceptable.

For employers

Challenging Behaviour highlights an employer's 'duty of care' to all employees. It outlines managers' responsibilities and helps them to recognise the difference between assertive leadership and bullying.

For employees

Challenging Behaviour encourages people to take responsibility for their own behaviours. This will lead to an awareness of behaviour that others may find inappropriate (even if the person had no intention of causing distress), and also have the confidence to challenge inappropriate behaviour is either received or observed.

Challenging Behaviour is designed to be used flexibly over one or more sessions. Part 1 is a series of dramatised scenarios and interviews with experts, which illustrate key points, critical behaviours and practical tips to help employees and managers deal more effectively with inappropriate behaviour.

Part 2 is a sequence of trigger scenes designed to build on the key points covered in Part 1 and promote thought and discussion.

Key learning outcomes

  • Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Bullying and harassment has severe damaging effects on the people who are targeted, the perpetrators, and organisations
  • The responsibilities of employees (including managers) and employers
  • The best ways to respond to inappropriate behaviour
  • It is no defence to say you did not intend to cause distress
  • Workplaces that are free of inappropriate behaviour are more productive and fulfilling environments for everyone

*Source: University of Manchester's Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) survey.

Contents: DVD, Trainerís Notes/Self Study Guide

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