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Managing Age Diversity  

Managing Age Diversity

Age discrimination affects everyone, young, old and even those in-between. The stereotype of experience increasing and physical ability declining with age can be hard to challenge. Yet, experience in other countries shows that claims on the grounds of age rapidly outstrip all other forms of discrimination , so you need to get your organisation age neutral and fast!

This legislation will have an impact on every aspect of HR. Consequently  every HR department should be undertaking a careful review of all their employment policies and procedures to ensure that there is no hidden age discrimination. Every single member of staff also needs to be made aware of the legislation and the instances of age discrimination that can occur.

Managing Age Diversity is a brand new training manual that will enable you to create interesting, relevant and effective training interventions for your staff. The activities are designed to be run by trainers, facilitators or line managers and cover:

  • The background – a quiz that will underscore people’s understanding of the law, and sections on why having an age diverse workforce is good for business.
  • The recruitment process – ensuring that the recruitment, selection and induction process is fair
  • Managing a diverse workforce – how to manage sensitively across the age spectrum, challenging inappropriate behaviours and developing all members of staff.
  • Redundancy and retirement – planning for retirement and ensuring non-discriminatory practices if redundancies do have to be made.

This comprehensive toolkit is packed with material that will guide you through the whole subject of age discrimination, and enable you to create an organisational culture enriched through the contribution of young and old alike.

The accompanying CD-ROM contains all the overheads and handouts as .pdf files for easy printing, and the overheads as a MS PowerPoint® presentation.

Authors: Eddie Davies and John Roadley
Pages: 290
'OK to copy' pages: 185

Toolkits and activity packs Price: £30.00 + carriage + VAT


Download a sample activity