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Religion and Belief  

Religion and Belief

Respecting and accommodating faith and belief in the workplace

The UK has a greater religious diversity than any other country in the European Union. This presents organisations with the challenge of enabling people of different beliefs to work together in harmony. The diversity of religion and belief in the UK is represented across the pubic, private and voluntary sectors and in all professions and occupations.

Along with this diversity, there is significant discrimination on the grounds of religion and belief. With the introduction of the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 this discrimination is now against the law. This means that people can no longer be harassed or victimised, refused employment or disadvantaged (except in very limited circumstances) because of their religion or belief.

Religion and Belief comes in three parts:

Introduction: This provides an overview of religion and belief at work, including legal aspects.

Part One: This documentary section enables viewers to gain an awareness of the most widely practised religions in the UK. It features a number of individuals who explain why their religious and non-religious beliefs are so important to them.

Part Two: This looks at the types of adjustments that can be made to accommodate different faith groups at work including: prayer facilities, time off for religious observance, physical contact, dress codes.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand employers’ and employees’ obligations under the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003

  • Gain essential insights into the four main religions and beliefs in the UK

  • Consider adjustments that can be made to accommodate different faith groups at work

  • Explore their own attitude to faith, and consider the impact when people try to impose their own religious beliefs on others

  • Recognise that certain behaviours and practices might be unlawful and are also damaging to the morale and productivity of the workplace, and can potentially lead to legal action

Contents: 1 DVD, Trainer’s Notes/Self Study Guide

DVDs and Videos Price: £195.00 + carriage + VAT

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