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Revitalised! is a unique online personal healthcare management system that  offers your staff (and their partners) individually tailored support, information and guidance in all areas of their well being. The user is able to assess, monitor and improve their fitness, health and stress levels. It also allows management reporting to show health and fitness trends on a collective level.

Through a combination of questionnaires and simple tests carried out in their own time, each individual is taken through a comprehensive assessment and registration process. The results of this form the basis of their individual wellness programme.

On-going assessment is carried out at fixed regular intervals and monthly feedback is used to monitor every individual programme.

The benefits to your organisation:-

  • Your organisation will be seen to be carrying out their duty of care to the greatest possible extent.
  • Management reporting that demonstrates a collective on-going measurement and analysis of the fitness, health and stress levels of your staff.
  • Staff will have greater energy levels, sustained concentration and greater job satisfaction.
  • Productivity and efficiency will improve; it can also reduce absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • It will maximise team spirit and create a sense of company caring.
  • Cost effective. Unlike expensive (and under utilised health club memberships), this web-based system provides real value for money.

The benefits to each participating employee:-

  • An individual training programme across 3 key areas of fitness – CV, strength / conditioning and flexibility mobility.
  • A personalised weight management and healthy eating programme with information and advice in all areas of diet and nutrition.
  • Achievable goals are set for each individual and performance is monitored through monthly feedback and regular assessments. Helps staff to positively change their lifestyles, improve their fitness and health and control levels of stress.
  • A host of additional services and general support from the advice centre and a comprehensive Monthly Broadcast.
  • Promote wellness in the community through ‘Friends and Family’ scheme. Staff partners and friends offered membership as ‘associate employees’. One free membership per employee.
  • ‘10 minute wellness’ plans.
  • Positive Stress management techniques.

The cost of Revitalised! is dependent on the size of the organisation – please contact us for your personalised quote.

Subscription products Price: £495.00 + carriage + VAT