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Bullying Prevention - Roles & Responsibilities for Supervisors & Managers  

Bullying Prevention - Roles & Responsibilities for Supervisors & Managers

Workplace Bullying is real!  Occupational health and safety laws now require protection for psychological hazards as well as physical hazards.

Penalties and compensation claims relating to workplace bulling are rapidly rising.

Employers must:

1. provide a safe workplace for their employees;
2. develop a workplace culture that ensures a zero tolerance to workplace bullying.

Regular education and training is essential for the legal protection of you and your employees.

Duty of Care is a producer of workplace training programs in the areas of sexual harassment, discrimination, workplace bullying and related areas. 

The Duty of Care Workplace Bullying programs provide a step-by-step approach for all business on the prevention of workplace bullying. 

This program contains essential OH&S training for all your employees

Supervisors & Managers will learn:

  • How bullying is defined?
  • Management authority & control.
  • Examples of workplace bullying.
  • Who is involved in bullying?
  • How to know when bullying exists.
  • Roles and responsibilities.
  • Liability issues.
  • What action to take.
  • How to maintain a “bully free” workplace.

When you purchase a DVD you will also receive a sample Workplace Bullying Policy plus concise Employee Training Notes summarising key points.

DVDs and Videos Price: £195.00 + carriage + VAT

Also available - Employees' Version

Duty of Care