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Coaching (RSB)  

Coaching (RSB)

While the idea of coaching is relatively new in organizations, it’s been around for a long time. Think of the best athletes in golf or tennis or track – they all have coaches to help them improve and strive to be the best. Football teams, basketball teams, and hockey teams have coaches. There are coaches for voice or drama, and coaches who help people with job or life change.

It doesn’t matter in what field the coach operates, their key role is to help someone to improve what they are doing.

This topic aims to help people to become more effective coaches and help all “would-be” coaches to progressively improve their performance via a range of practical techniques.

This Rapid Skill-Builder® shows you how to apply the following key action steps:

1. Recognizing the particular coaching style that you use most frequently and the extent to which this style is appropriate in terms of the right time/place and opportunity to coach

2. Reading the person(s) you are seeking to coach and the context or situation in which coaching is likely to be appropriate (or not)

3. Receiving communication signals and clues (both verbal and non-verbal) when you are engaged in a coaching conversation

4. Re-framing a person’s problem or issue when coaching so as to identify the gap between the “as is” and the “to-be” situation and agreeing on an approach to close it

5. Recording the most appropriate targets, milestones and time frames with the person you are coaching

6. Reviewing the overall circumstances in which your coaching took place and learning from your experience for subsequent efforts

Rapid Skill-Builder Mechanics and Components

Each topic in the Rapid Skill-Builder series operates in the same way with a number of elements for both the facilitator and the participants:

1 DVD Programme (around 20 minutes in length)

The DVD programme on disc 1 provides around 20 minutes of explanatory material in four sections (although the disc can be paused at any stage according to facilitator or participant needs). It also contains four vignettes, each with an inadequate or negative response, then again with a positive or more suitable response. These aim to practically illustrate skills that have been described in theory. There are a number of sections introducing and discussing the topic, and the DVD ends with a summary of the main points.

1 copy of the 42-page Facilitator’s Guide

The Facilitator’s Guide contains information for the facilitator to use in preparation for and during the training itself. There are scripts of the video scenes, discussion topics to raise (and suggested responses), group exercises, and further background to the topic. After each video vignette, the facilitator’s guide highlights the theory that surrounding the negative and positive scenes, to allow the facilitator to discuss this further with the participants.

10 copies of the 12-page Delegates’ Workbook

The 12-page Delegates’ Workbook provides program participants with an overview of the topic in six stages. These six stages correspond to the model used in the Action Template shown on the back page. This resource can be easily read ahead of or during a workshop session by participants and also serves as a convenient ready-reference guide to take away after the workshop is over. During the training session, participants discuss - and can complete exercises - within the delegates’ workbooks. Additional copies of the workbooks can be purchased from Fenman if required.

1 CD containing Presentation Material

Accompanying the DVD is a 16/17 slide presentation in Flash format that summarises key points from both the DVD. The Facilitator’s Guide has a number of exercises in which participants can engage. The presentation is scripted for facilitators so that even inexperienced trainers can use the material with minimal level of knowledge and preparation.

1 CD with additional resources and a PowerPoint presentation
10 ‘cue-cards’ for participants to take away

These small, pocket-sized colour cards containing all the theories and models discussed in the training session, so that your participants can take away the key points and refer to them at any time.

N.B. The free preview copy contains: 1 full-length preview of the training DVD, 1 facilitator’s guide, 1 delegate’s workbook and 1 cue-card.

DVDs and Videos Price: £447.50 + carriage + VAT

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