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Managing Diversity CD  

Managing Diversity CD

This CD is part of the Trainer's Portfolio series, providing an indispensible range of tools and resources that will help you to design and deliver better training.

The CD contains approximately 300 pages of documents in Microsoft Word format, covering the following sections:

Overview - a concise look at diversity, with short summaries and background information which provide a quick overview of the subject.

Leading Thinking - this section introduces the key thinkers in the topic, and contains articles on how thinking has evolved and changed. For each leading thinker identified, there are a few pages summarising their work. Amongst those discussed include Rajvinder Kandola and Professor David A Thomas.

Models and Strategies - contains the key models that are core to managing diversity. The models range from the conceptual and academic to the highly practical. Each describes potential uses and benefits. Examples include the Mosaic Model and the Zone of Impact Model, amongst others.

Good Practice - contains a range of case histories about organisations that have embarked on diversity training programmes. Each describes the background to the approach, the methods used, results achieved and lessons learned. Organisations featured include Sotheby's and The Irish Health Service.

Toolkits - contains a wide range of materials that can be used flexibly in training and organisational development interventions, such as diagnostics, exercises, role plays, case studies, methodologies and handouts.

Workshops - sample workshops on the subject of facilitation, with overviews, sample programmes, discussion templates, evaluation forms and suggestions for facilitators' materials.

Also included are some sample PowerPoint slides that can be used in a training session, as well as suggestions for further reading and links to useful websites.

The material on this CD-ROM is provided in an easily amendable, fully-customisable Microsoft Word document, and we actively encourage you to use and amend the content to fit your own training requirements.

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CD-ROM Price: £20.00 + VAT

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