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Race: Creating an Inclusive Workplace  

Race: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

Race: Creating an Inclusive Workplace is a training DVD & Video programme designed to help organisations manage dignity at work relating to race, highlighting their legal obligations and exploring best practice.

• Create an inclusive work environment, which will improve your ability to manage your employment risks.
• Realise the benefits of a workplace that is inclusive. This will enhance your approach to recruitment and selection and the widening of your talent pool.
• Improve staff performance and productivity, which will have an impact on your ability to compete and achieve sustainable success.
• Increase morale and performance levels, through improved equality of opportunities in the workplace.
• Equip your managers with the knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully  as part of a diverse team, ensuring productivity, as a result of diversity and not the creation of chaos.
• Evidence your commitment to corporate social responsibility, reflecting your vision and values.

Key learning outcomes

In relation to the law, learners will be able to:

• Explain their obligations under the Race Relations Act (RRA), through their understanding of racial discrimination and harassment
• Raise their awareness of their own understanding on race and culture in relation to issues of dignity at work, bullying and harassment
• Promote appropriate behaviour and manage bad behaviour in relation to deliberate and unwitting discrimination, bullying and harassment

In relation to creating and sustaining good working relationships learners will be able to:

• Explain why race and culture are key issues within the workplace.
• Gain an improved understanding of the language and terminology used in discussions about race and culture
• Understand the sorts of behaviours which support inclusive working environments and foster effective working relationships between employees and with customers
• Develop their understanding of migrations and why migrants are economically important for the UK, with reference made to the new migrant workers from the EU.
• Gain insight into the factors that can lead to interracial tensions and an understanding of how to anticipate and deal with them.

In relation to talent management learners will be able to:

• Understand the importance of equality of opportunity within career development processes and how honest, objective appraisals will support this.
• Understanding of the main barriers to career development for many black and minority ethnic people.
• Interventions that will support black and minority ethnic people overcoming these barriers – for example an understanding of positive action and its benefits.

This title is produced by Skill Boosters in association with Cymbiosis

Contents: 1 DVD, Trainer’s Notes/Self Study Guide

DVDs and Videos Price: £195.00 + carriage + VAT

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