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How to use TrainerActive: A step-by-step Tutorial

1. Registration

TrainerActive is a member-based service. To be able to purchase credits and download training activities you must register. Registration to TrainerActive is completely free and takes less than a couple of minutes.


Enter your registration details into the form provided


2. Purchasing Credits

TrainerActive works on a credit system that allows you to flexibly exchange these for training activity downloads.

Each training activity costs between 2 and 12 credits depending on its page size and the number of end-users it is to be used by within your organisation.

Credits are priced at £5 and we offer discounts on bulk purchases. These credits have no expiry date so can be used over a period of time.


3. Search for a Training Activity

Search efficiently for a training activity via our Advanced Training Activity Search facility. Simply enter your search terms and criteria into the search boxes and press the search button.


Enter your search criteria into the input boxes provided in the Advanced activity search and press the search button


Search result summaries are displayed, click on the desired training activity to view more.


Search results are displayed, click on the activity title to view more information


Alternatively you can browse activities by their subject and training manual


4. Download

Click the download button on the desired training activities page.


Click the download button in the top left hand corner of the activities page to begin the download


Once the download is confirmed your PDF training activity download will commence. Ensure you press the "SAVE" button to save it to your machine.


Press the SAVE button to save your download to your machine


You now have the training activity you desired. The number of end-users that can use this activity is dependant upon your user licence agreement that you selected.