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Creating customers

Featured in the Creative Customer Contact training manual

By Carole Williams

Category: Customer Service

Credit price: 4 download credits (Single user)

Organisations that do not tap into the creativity of each one of their employees are wasting money. They will be using only a minimal part of the potential of the person they have employed if this issue is overlooked. Yet so many organisations let themselves become so rule-bound that they will never unlock the full potential of the people they have recruited. Creativity is in all of us; we don’t manufacture it – we have it as a natural gift. However, what has often happened through education processes and parent and peer pressure is that it has been stifled. Often because we are encouraged after infant school to become linear and studious, we pack away out difference, our sense of wonder and fun and turn out attention toward ‘getting educated’. We are told ‘this is serious, it’s not funny and not to be taken lightly’. Suddenly, we find ourselves surrounded by competitive peers all trying to be top of the class. However, when we get out into the world of work we are expected to show we are different, expected to come up with new ideas and innovations which no one else has thought of. It’s no wonder that we become confused and inhibited about being creative in the workplace after spending so many years conforming, being ‘one of the crowd’, and keeping within the rules to stay out of trouble. This training activity encourages organisations and individuals to re-awaken more of the creativity that was encouraged as a child. It highlights creativity as an individual gift to be embraced and celebrated. Now is the time to be ‘different from the crowd’. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we’re wrong! Organisations and individuals will benefit greatly from tapping in to this potential.

You begin this training activity with an introduction to creativity; what it is, who’s got it and why it’s important in a customer environment. You check out with the group whether they think they are creative. Following this you explain the route the brain takes in being creative. This is followed by an individual activity to help develop a skill to unblock thinking and aid creativity, which is then shared with the group. The final exercise in this training activity uses several facets of our imagination (words, pictures, feelings and emotions, and music) in a group activity. It encourages individuals to realise the importance of creativity and how easy it is. It encourages stepping outside the box and breaking out of self-limiting boundaries. The training activity ends with a summary of enlightening points that will leave the group feeling very positive about developing their own potential further.

Who is it for: This training activity is intended for use by trainers to re-awaken their participants’ interest in developing individual untapped potential and creativity.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:02:30:00
No of Pages:22

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Purpose: This training activity can be used at any stage in a customer service programme to develop trust amongst a team and to encourage individual input and confidence. It is a good activity to use with a well-developed team who need additional focus and it works equally well with a newly formed team in breaking down barriers and inhibitions. It can also be used in conjunction with any other activity from ‘Creative Customer Contact’ to develop a mini-programme for service providers.

Download the training activity, Creating customers as featured in the Fenman training manual; Creative Customer Contact