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Leadership styles - What kind of leader are you?

Featured in the First-time Leadership training manual

By Clare Llewellyn West

Category: Leadership

Credit price: 3 download credits (Single user)

Every leader has two areas of concern: the task which has to be achieved and the people for whom they lead. One important aspect of leadership style lies in our approach to these two elements. Some people concentrate exclusively on the task, seeing the team merely as a means to an end. Other focus on the individuals in their team – they work hard at building relationships and take a pride in leading their people. Both leadership styles have weaknesses and one measure of the successful leader is the extent to which they can keep these two elements in balance. This leadership styles training activity will help participants to consider how close they are to achieving that balance and to think about the problems associated with each extreme.

You introduce the session as an opportunity for participants to explore their own leadership style and to begin thinking about their leadership style strengths and weaknesses. Participants then work individually to complete a leadership style questionnaire and scoring sheet to reveal their score in each of three different categories. Next, you lead a discussion on the significance of the categories and ask the group to suggest practical ways in which individuals can improve their leadership balance. Finally, you challenge the participants to select three actions they can take over the coming week to improve their leadership style.

Who is it for: This leadership styles training resource is intended for use by trainers to enable participants to explore their own leadership styles and provide the opportunity to achieve a more balanced approach to leadership.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:01:15:00
No of Pages:18

Resources: View standard resources for Fenman training activities
Additional resources: 3 flipcharts and stands, Yellow, green and blue marker pens for participants,

Purpose: This leadership style training resource is intended for use by trainers as a useful follow up to ‘What does a leader do?’ which discusses the leadership juggling act. The questionnaire provides the opportunity for some self-assessment on their leadership style and will enable participants to recognise which elements of the juggling act are likely to be weaknesses. It enables further discussion of the importance of balance in leadership and presents an individual challenge to achieve a more balanced approach to leadership. This leadership styles activity can lead naturally to ‘What kind of leader can you be?’ where participants can see that having a balanced leadership approach doesn’t mean always doing things the same way. It is also very useful in connection with understanding the need for different roles within teams and for recognising the importance of task and process within the team’s activity so could be linked effectively with ‘Making yourself heard’ and ‘Communicating effectively’.

Download the training activity, Leadership styles - What kind of leader are you? as featured in the Fenman training manual; First-time Leadership