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Managing yourself

Featured in the First-time Leadership training manual

By Clare Llewellyn West

Category: Leadership

Credit price: 3 download credits (Single user)

Most managers and team leaders would admit to finding that time management is their big challenge. For individuals new to the leadership role this may be a particular issue as it could be the first time they have been expected to make their own decisions about how they allocate their time at work. Before looking at specific time-management techniques it is valuable to put a solid foundation in place to enable participants to make sound judgements about the way they spend their most valuable resource: time. Without this process they may end up with great techniques for allocating their time but still spend much of it doing pointless things.

You start by introducing the idea that the basis of effective self-management is being clear about what is important. In essence, every task can be put into one of four boxes based on categories of urgency and importance. Working in small groups the participants list the kind of tasks which fit into the boxes. Ideas are then compared in a general discussion and strategies for using the green category to reduce the other items are considered. Finally, participants work individually to answer some key questions to help them sort out what really matters to them, enabling them to set priorities.

Who is it for: This training activity is intended for use by trainers to encourage participants to think about things that really matter to them, allowing them to focus on the important rather than the merely urgent.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:02:00:00
No of Pages:13

Resources: View standard resources for Fenman training activities
Additional resources: OHT acetate marker pens in red, orange, pink and green.

Purpose: This training activity, intended for use by trainers with participants, forms a bridge between the consideration of personal values and the themes of time management or stress management. It leads naturally into ‘Managing time’, and can also be linked to ‘Taking care of yourself’, as it provides a useful framework for looking at the causes and cures of personal stress, and to ‘A personal charter’, as it helps individuals recognise where they need to change their own behaviour.

Download the training activity, Managing yourself as featured in the Fenman training manual; First-time Leadership