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Not learning - recognising and overcoming blocks to learning

Featured in the Learning to Learn training manual

By Aileen Goodman

Category: Learning Methodologies

Credit price: 3 download credits (Single user)

Life experiences will have contributed to a number of personal blocks to learning, which we may or may not be aware of. Similarly, organisational experiences and changes will have contributed to structural and cultural blocks to learning within the workplace. Once we have identified these blocks we can make choices on what to do about them.

Use this training activity to help participants recognise situations when they do not learn and to identify the personal and organisational blocks that get in the way of learning. It shows them how to consider ways to overcome some of their own blocks to learning.

Who is it for: This training activity is intended for use by trainers to help participants identify personal and organisational blocks to learning and how to overcome their own blocks to learning.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:12
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:02:15:00
No of Pages:17

Resources: View standard resources for Fenman training activities

Purpose: This training activity can be used as part of a learning to learn programme. It is best used after ‘Using and developing your learning styles’. It would also be useful as part of a team-building event to build shared understanding and value differences.

Download the training activity, Not learning - recognising and overcoming blocks to learning as featured in the Fenman training manual; Learning to Learn