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The positive way (welcome to the jungle!)

Featured in the Creative Customer Contact training manual

By Carole Williams

Category: Customer Service

Credit price: 4 download credits (Single user)

Attitude is often talked about in organisations: ‘We need to change their attitude’; ‘that person has a bad attitude’; ‘attitude is everything’. So what is attitude? One definition is that it’s a little thing that makes a big difference. One thing we know for sure is that, as customers, we know absolutely when we are attended to by someone whose attitude is good. People who think they have a positive attitude often turn out not to be as positive as they first thought. This training activity explores attitude, and the ways in which participants can begin to work at changing it. Because it is so vital in the front line of service provision, it cannot be overlooked. Organisations can train people, communicate with them and provide the best environment, but if the attitude their staff display is still not what their customers want then they will never get the best from their business.

The training activity begins by looking at a positive mental attitude and what it actually means to have one, and takes participants through exercises which help them to reflect upon their attitude. It also offers opportunities for discovering how they can change their own attitude to a positive approach in order to offer improved service to their customers.

Who is it for: This training activity is intended for use by trainers to provide participants with an opportunity to reflect upon and take control of their own attitude, understand how attitude is developed, and practise techniques to show how they can change their atti

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:02:25:00
No of Pages:24

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Purpose: This training activity works well alongside others when you are trying to change behaviour and work with general changes in organisations.

Download the training activity, The positive way (welcome to the jungle!) as featured in the Fenman training manual; Creative Customer Contact