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Functions of a team leader

Featured in the The Team Working Activity Pack training manual

By Rod Storey

Category: Team Building

Credit price: 2 download credits (Single user)

Leadership of a team is not just a matter of standing up and giving instructions; it is much more than that. It involves not only concern for the task in hand but also future plans, keeping the team together as a cohesive working unit, and being aware of and attending to the needs of individual team members in terms of their development, need to discuss things, and so on. All team members, as well as current and potential team leaders, need to have a clear picture of what is expected of them in the team-leader role. This training activity helps the leader to clarify their role by drawing on the thoughts of the team members, and it helps the members to realise what they can and should expect from the leader.

Working in teams, the participants consider the roles of an effective team leader, drawing on their own past experience of good leaders. Each team writes their ideas on a flipchart. All the participants then compare the ideas produced in the teams with those produced by the trainer. There is a final discussion to relate the functions of a team leader produced in the exercise to their own workplace.

Who is it for: This training resource is intended for use by trainers with participants as a syndicate exercise on the key roles of a leader in relation to the team.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:8
Typical Duration:00:50:00
No of Pages:7

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Purpose: This training resource is intended for use by trainers with team leaders or potential future team leaders. It can also help team members to understand what their role will be when they lead an exercise, and prepare them for this.

Download the training activity, Functions of a team leader as featured in the Fenman training manual; The Team Working Activity Pack