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Performance appraisal

Featured in the The Essentials of Management training manual

By Eddie Davies

Category: Management

Credit price: 4 download credits (Single user)

All managers who have a responsibility for the performance of other people should have a working knowledge of the techniques covered in this training activity.

You start the training activity by leading a discussion which focuses the participants’ attention on the importance of performance appraisal for the manager who wants to make the best use of staff to achieve results. The participants consider the benefits of appraisal and you follow this by reviewing some common problems with appraisal and what they can do to overcome them. You then move on to consider formal appraisal review interviews and lead a discussion on the essential preparation and how to structure a formal discussion. Tips for success are established at each stage. The final discussion session focuses on the manager’s role in improving poor performance. The emphasis is placed on acting promptly and following a procedure when confronting staff whose behaviour at work falls below acceptable standards. The participants then take part in and observe a number of role-play interviews, designed to give them the opportunity to apply the skills covered. You conclude the training activity by drawing together the points made from the role-play, and encouraging the participants to decide how they can transfer their learning back to their workplace.

Who is it for: This training activity is intended for use by trainers to enable participants to conduct both formal and informal reviews to improve staff performance.

Resource Type:Activity
Min Group Size:4
Max Group Size:20
Typical Duration:04:10:00
No of Pages:34

Resources: View standard resources for Fenman training activities
Additional resources: Video camera, Video player and TV monitor, Blank video tapes, Copies of participant organisation's performance appraisal scheme.

Purpose: This training activity is intended for use by trainers with all managers who have responsibility for the performance of other people. Participants should have a working knowledge of the techniques covered in this activity. The training activity requires a good grasp of the communication skills involved in interviewing, and would be suitable to run in the later stages of any management development course. Participants will gain maximum benefit if they have previously completed ‘Face-to-face communication skills’, and ‘Solving problems together’. The training activity is an essential requirement for any course that looks at developing appraisal interviewing skills. It can also be used as part of a programme which aims to develop managers’ and supervisors’ skills at handling people.

Download the training activity, Performance appraisal as featured in the Fenman training manual; The Essentials of Management